Þe Mansion of Mystery is the first installment of the Charles Mystery Stories series of Paper Computer Games. It is also the first ever mystery style PCG, and the first appearance of Charles.

Story and SituationEdit

On present-day Earth, a famous and wealthy detective recieves a letter from his uncle Geoffrey, inviting him to Geoffrey's mansion in Europe. When the detective arrives, he witnesses his uncle being murdered. From that point on, it's full-blown mystery adventure, as Charles must track down his uncle's killer.

The CharacterEdit

Charles is a damn good detective and he knows it. He's wealthy and has a brittish accent. When his uncle is murdered, he's not about to let the killer get away. With his hat and his pipe, he dispassionately surveys his surroundings, taking in every clue.


Charles in kitchen

Charles explores the kitchen in Geoffrey's mansion.

Charles had no allies for this mystery. Who needs 'em?


Alexander was Geoffrey's deranged butler, always sporting a maniacal grin on his face. Charles' investigations revealed that Alexander's been plotting Geoffrey's murder for years and failing. Could he have finally succeeded?

The Fat Guy returns, representing the EVIL league of EVIL-ness; but for the occasion, he wore a tux. Could he have killed Geoffrey? If so, how could he have moved far enough to do it?

Xandria and Xanderia were two sisters representing U.B.P.E-- the United Bunch of People who are Evil. Could their evil designs have spelled doom for Geoffrey?

The GameEdit

A departure from the previous games, this was the first mystery adventure. Instead of linear puzzle solving, this game allowed exploration; the main goal was to find clues. On the final screen, all the suspects were gathered, and the final challenge was to accurately name the true perpetrator of the crime. The puzzles were of moderate difficulty, and were even more logical.


Charles named Xanderia as the killer of Geoffrey, and his detective skills paid off. She admitted her crime, and was taken away by the police.

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