In a small town in northern New Jersey lived a normal little boy named Chris. There was seemingly nothing out of the ordinary about him, however it seems that his life soon became anything but ordinary.

History Edit

When he was only five years old, and his friend Xaq was coming over for a visit, it seems that some mysterious force turned Chris' family against his friend. Xaq was forced to fight for his life and escape. Chris himself was not seen at this time; it is unknown what he was doing during this adventure. (Series 1: "Paper Computer Game")

Around the same time, however, Chris found himself lost in a mysterious field. How he got there is unknown; it is speculated that he may have gotten lost while escaping his suddenly evil family. Regardless, in the field was a large, lovely tree. The tree's shadow protected a series of portals, and Chris soon realized that he would have to explore the portals if he wanted to get out of there alive. (Chris Series: "Chris and the Portal Tree")

Adulthood Edit

Chris eventually grew up and went to college. His teachers gave him a hard time, but he was able to complete all four years of school. (Chris Series: "Chris' College Experience: The Official Pcgization")

In 2010, he was drawn into a pocket universe known as the Netherworld. There, he was assisted by Face and Dr. Filius in his quest to escape the Perceptual Boundary of that realm. To do so, however, he had to overcome Eye as well as a number of other enemies native to the Netherworld. He was able to find all the gemstones necessary to open a portal back to Earth. (Chris Series: "Perceptual Boundaries")

One day, he was out with Laurie, when he lost a ring down the sewer. He had to go down into the sewer to retrieve it; after a series of misadventures, he barely did. (Halloween Special 2018: "4th Game")

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