Colette was a friend and ally of Xaq, Ari's sister, and a member of their team. She adventured with them for years and had a few adventures of her own.  She coined the phrase "you wouldn't dare" and was noticably better at solving puzzles than Xaq.


First adventureEdit

Xaq had to rescue Colette on his first adventure, when she was trapped in a castle. They escaped by dropping into The Sewers. (Series 1: "Paper Computer Game")

On that adventure through the sewers, she became more of a formidable character, and this time made a lot more wisecracks about Xaq.(Series 1: "The Sewers")

Subsequent incidentsEdit

One time, when her house became haunted, she and Ari had to team up to solve the case. (Series 1: "Ari & Colette's Haunted House")

On one difficult mission, she and Ari accompanied Xaq into space, landing on another planet. She proved faster at solving the puzzles they encountered than Xaq. (Series 1: "Alien Planet Game")


For most of Series 1, Colette and Ari were NPCs, and thus were characterized by Chris. Her characterization may have been based in part on Sophia Hapgood from Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, making her a wisecracking sidekick.

However, in a few adventures, including "Ari & Colette's Haunted House" and "Alien Planet Game", Colette was actually played by the real Colette, as was Ari by his real self. This lead to a marked change in her personality and an increase in her puzzle-solving ability.

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