Welcome to Death Ward Hospital

A front view of the horrendous hospital.

Death Ward Hospital is a twisted version of a hospital, whose purpose surely is not to save its patients. It may once have been a true hospital, but its current management cares little for human lives. Death Ward Hospital is now the site for strange, inhuman experiments; evil creatures; and ancient mystery.

It is located in a city on Earth, although it is unclear which city it is.


The hospital is run by Pinchzoid Crabicus, who has become a mad scientist. He's created a wide variety of mutant creatures, from Spike-Balls to Key Fish to Lunar ZooChompers. His partner in crime is Kundabar, the Elf.


Many strange and twisted creatures walk the halls of Death Ward Hospital. Morlocks have taken up residence in caverns deep below the halls, while Key Fish live near the Airplane Radiation emanating from a crashed airplane in one of the hospital's chambers.


The hospital is a gigantic, intricate hodgepodge of different styles of architecture that don't seem to match. It's extremely easy to get lost here. It's even said that certain areas of the hospital may have been converted from an ancient Maze Screen. An airplane, which crashed inside the hospital ages ago, makes up a section of the hospital.


Charles awoke here, after his presumed death, and was one of the first to explore the hospital and discover its secrets. It was here that he met Pen. He also encountered some of his old suspects here.