Descent cover

As is tradition, the cover features Pierre's long hair. This time, she's hanging from it.

Descent is the third game in the Pierre Series. It continues the story of Pierre after the events of The Alien Abduction and The Ancient Secret Under Shri. It also ties into the story of Balzak Globotron, as well as revealing new backstory.

Story Edit

Pierre, having crash landed on Shri in "The Alien Abduction" and become separated from Ari in "The Ancient Secret Under Shri", wakes up in a large facility, tied down to a platform where a group of cultists is trying to sacrifice her to their god, Peyk-Wos.

She manages to escape and subdue the cultists, and begins to explore the facility. There, she encounters fellow prisoners: Zunto, a Crodin officer; Modri, a citizen who's secretly a member of the Zorelta resistance; and an unnamed Fig, all tied up.

She unties them and proceeds to explore the rest of the facility, meeting the computer who explains that the facility was overtaken by these "backwards cultists" who deactivated its control over the facility.

Pierre ultimately escapes the facility, up into the Crodin-controlled capital city. There, she's drawn towards the Tower of N. Inside, she quickly becomes separated from her companions and meets Zoovac, who's been serving the Crodin for the past thousand years. He tauntingly tells her they'll be working together again soon and lets her continue exploring the facility.

There, she encounters many figs who she uses to solve puzzles. Finally, she kills one in order to make her necklace stronger.

In a final test, she destroys cardboard versions of Zoovac and Ari. Once she does so, she has earned her freedom—but she no longer wants to leave.