Earth is the home of Human life. The planet on which we live is plagued not only by warfare but also by evil companies, warlords, alien invasions, and fat guys. Zoovac and his many agents have long fought to save the world from many of these threats and always succeeded. However, in the early 2000s, Aliens invaded and took over the planet. Thankfully, Zoovac organized a resistance which was able to retake the planet. Not long after, The Fat Guy became the Perfect One, repeatedly threatening the planet. For a time, the Scientists of Earth were able to protect the planet from his evil fatness but even their genius was eventually overcome. Perfecto, the Fat Guy’s new form, took over the planet and forced all nations to devote themselves to the production of food for him. However, the scientists were able to defeat him.


Englewood, NJ- Where Xaq lives, and Zoovac is presumed to have a main base of operations.

Nazi Base- A Neo-Nazi base within the United States. After killing many of its occupants, Xaq planned to make it his main base.

H.O.R.- The House of Rorric, an agent of the Company. His mansion is located somewhere in Germany, and is complete with crop circles and a quasi-maze screen in the back.

Mansion of Mystery- An old, mysterious mansion, located somewhere in Europe. It belonged to a man named Geoffrey, but he was murdered.

Earth Building- Humans live here! Or at least they did, until the Alien Advance Scout barbecued them.