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Fried Calamari is the title of a paper computer game by Xaq.

Actual backstory included in the gameEdit

Among our people, there echoes a legend... In ancient times, there lived the Titans. They were gigantic, wise, and powerful. The tallest houses rose only to their feet. They lived in the enormous City of the Gods. They created us in their image and protected us. One day, they left, leaving the City of the Gods in the care of nature... Its splendor gone, the city lost its powers and began to decay and become overgrown. Only one of Titankind remained in the city, eternally sleeping. He watched over us as he always had. For eons, we were a happy, peaceful people, making our homes among what's left of the City of the Gods. That is, until one day... When a new Dark Titan appeared and invaded our holy lands. In desperation, we appealed to our only protector-- And he answered our call. After a millenia of sleep, he awoke.


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