Ghost Rules are a set of rules to which all ghosts are bound. While they're commonly discussed among ghosts as bureaucratic rules, they're more like laws of physics, experienced by various ghosts and passed into common ghostly knowledge during ghost parties.

The Ghost Rules were created, and can be broken by, the Rule Breakers, according to Mouthy. (Mark III: "Ghosts!")

These rules include:

Ghosts & Houses Edit

  • Ghosts must stay inside their house, except during a full moon or Halloween.
  • If living people move into a ghost's house, that ghost will lose ownership of the house and be forced off this "plane" unless they can get the people to leave within 30 days.
  • If another ghost has signed his name on the ghost's house, ownership will pass to him once the first ghost loses ownership. (This is sort of a loophole).
  • A ghost's house can be maintained indefinitely by sheer force of will of the ghostly owner - so long as the ghost can maintain ownership. (This can lead to the Ghost future).

Ghosts & Their Bodies Edit

  • Ghosts can become bound to their bodies under certain circumstances.
    • This has something to do with being killed in someone else's territory.

Ghosts & the Living Edit

  • Ghosts can't directly harm, or even so much as tickle, the living.
  • Ghosts can't enter a kid's room unless the kid is not present, because "kids are protected".

The Ghosts' Nature Edit

  • Ghosts maintain whatever memories they had at the moment of their death, "frozen in amber". So if a person had lost some memories prior to death, they would still be lost to the ghost.
  • Over time, a ghost's consciousness may begin to fade as they become increasingly lost in thought.
  • Eventually, these semi-conscious ghosts may glom onto each other, becoming the constituent parts of a larger ghost.
    • Ghosts can gain new memories as smaller ghosts glom onto them.