Ghosts 2 was a 2018 half-serious sequel to Ghosts! by BronzeCo. While the intention was to create the absolute worst sequel possible, the game serves as a fun mini-adventure set in the world of Ghosts!

Connection to "Ghosts!"Edit

There is no apparent direct connection to the first game, other than generally being in the same universe. None of the characters reappear and none of the story threads are continued. The only entity that reappears is the Green Bubble.

The GameEdit

You are an alien who crash landed and became a Ghost on impact. The goal is to complete your unfinished business -- your mission to anally probe three Earthly lifeforms.

Mechanics Edit

Like its predecessor, Ghosts 2 eschews the Save Game functionality.

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Characters Edit

Garpuloid 7FarmerGhostly Cow

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Other Edit

Green things (Green Bubble)