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Guys 2

Some guys, patrolling and lookin' for trouble.

Homeworld Earth
Universe PCG Universe

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Subspecies of Humans

Notable groups Guys Special Forces Unit

Guys are a genus of semihuman stick figure people who are exceedingly vicious and almost always work as foot soldiers for various evil people and organizations, most notably the Company; However, many of them have also served as soldiers for Nazi Germany.

They are often quite tricky to overcome. They have particular fondness for motorcycles, patrolling maze screens, and bothering main characters.


Two Guys patrol a maze screen.

For ages, nothing at all was known of their origins. However, recent evidence has come to light regarding these guys. In one of Xaq's recent adventures, he raided a Wonder Bread factory. Inside, he discovered a mad scientist who had invented a gun which fired Guys. The scientist claimed that he created Guys; however, it is possible that he may not be truly responsible for their creation. Zoovac has stated that he believes that there may be more at work than just the scientist. (Series 2: "Bread Game")

One of their number was once mutilated by the Space-Balls and made into a Bot. He can no longer be considered a living person, as he’s essentially a machine, but he is now known as Kill Bot. (Space-Balls Series: "Space-Balls")

Recently, we have found out about a unit called the GSFU-- Guys Special Forces Unit. Little is known about them as of yet. ("GSFU Game")

HABITAT/RESIDENCE: They don't have any one known home, or base of operations; But they are fond of maze screens and Enemy Screens. Particularly ones in which they are the enemies.


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