Honcho is the name of an unknown computer-user during the 1990s whose computer gave him an extraordinary amount of trouble. It is unknown whether 'Honcho' was this person's real name or simply a screen name, and no account exists detailing what Honcho may have looked like or who he might have been.

History Edit

Honcho's trouble started when his hard drive was completely erased. From there, he was forced to navigate his computer and the internet (Using an emergency version of AOL designed for just such a catastrophe) to download games and get his hard drive back.

He learned, through email communication with a mysterious helper, where he could download games. This he had to do to fix problems within his computer. Of all the games he downloaded, the most important was called Aux Game. This seems to have been the key to all his computer troubles.("Aux Game")

Fighting Back Edit

It seems that Honcho soon learned the identity of the party behind his computer's sudden shutdown: An evil company known as the U.B.P.E.[1], which was subverting computers across the internet. He turned the tables on them, hacking into their servers and shutting several down. ("Chronicles Addendum")

During this struggle he teamed up with Zoovac, with whom he battled some UBPE digital bots. ("Zoovac: The Life and Times of a Clown on a Stick")

This would play a big part in the Great Internet War; it gave The Company a huge, starting advantage. ("Chronicles Addendum")

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