Yaschnugganheimer in color.

Jaschnugganheimer (pronounced Yaschnugganheimer) is a German body-builder who seems to have been kidnapped and thrown on a plane, which was headed for an unknown destination.



Aboard the plane, (In a box, in fact) he encountered a chubby man named Hans. Hans was difficult and the spike on his hat proved troublesome for Yaschnugganheimer; but the two found themselves working together soon enough.

Together, they managed to escape the plane; however where their adventure went from there has yet to be revealed. (We have some of our best scholars working on it, not to worry.) ("Yaschnugganheimer 1")


Yaschnugganheimer 3d

Jaschnugganheimer, rendered in Amazing Island.

Misc InfoEdit

  • RACE: Human
  • CREATED BY: Kurt Elfman

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