Kundabar was an evil, demented, psychotic elf. Outside his Elvin village one day, he encountered a strange portal. Entering it, he found himself confronted by a giant, floating head who demanded that he go through trials to determine his worthiness. The giant head then teleported Kundabar and a marine named Doomsday to their first test. Having no choice, Kundabar and Doomsday worked together to complete each challenge.

During one of the challenges, Kundabar encountered Charles, the Detective trapped in a bear trap. He rescued him from the trap, but then it seems Kundabar’s evil side took over- He was consumed with the desire to kill the detective and steal his hat and pipe. Charles, being aware of what was going on, was able to protect himself against Kundabar’s assaults- Until Doomsday showed up, falling from the ceiling and shooting at him.

Doomsday and Kundabar were able to pass to the next room, and fought Elgador, the giant head, and just managed to kill him, before they were killed themselves. ("MaNiPuLaTioN")

Kundabar wasn’t about to let a little thing like death stand in the way of his plans, however. He became a powerful ghost, and became more focused. He appeared fearsome in his ghostly form, with giant claws and a gaping mouth. He revised his plan, hiring PinchZoid Crabicus, who had had Charles resuscitated. He instructed to lock Charles in his hospital, which was full of deadly experiments gone wrong.

When Charles escaped, Kundabar confronted him at last. He taunted him to identify the one who was responsible for everything. When Charles pointed to Kundabar, he laughed and confirmed his guilt, telling the story of how he killed Charles. This restored Charles’ memory. How the rest of the encounter turned out is a mystery. (Charles Mystery Stories: "Welcome to Death Ward Hospital")


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