This page is a list of all the planets known to exist within the PCG Universe.

  • Earth, the home of Human life.
    • Luna, the Earth's moon.
  • Shri, an ancient, grandiose world which is the home to Ginkus.
  • Zoniat (Aka the Fat Guy Planet) is a world primarily inhabited by robots, separated into various Zones.
  • Velieez is a world inhabited by Humans, with an underground population of Mole-Men. Also known as Yppit's World
  • Flaktar is a strange mountainy world, inhabited by Tarmeks and Sygons, presumably.
  • Getzor is a grassy world with low technology, inhabited by Humans.
  • Shairek is a waterworld, inhabited by a squidlike species.
  • Soluna is an earth like planet inhabited by various humanoid species and the Umbrian.
  • Saturn is a planet made entirely of gas, inhabited by cloud based organisms.