What Are "Paper Computer Games"?

What Are "Paper Computer Games"?

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Welcome to The Paper Computer Games Wiki, devoted to the Paper Computer Game franchise and its universe. We hope you'll enjoy reading about our characters, and maybe even adding to their ranks.

You may not know much about these games, but feel free to add to the wiki anyway. Check out our YouTube channel to learn more. You can now also print out and play the games with a friend on the Official Site! You can also make your own games and Join the PCG Community!!

If you're unsure what needs to be added, check out List of Things to Do. If you're interested in making your own PCGs, check out How to Make and Play a Paper Computer Game. Any additions at all are helpful! We're trying to build a rich universe full of characters and stories.

Read up, and enjoy!

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Current Games

Balzak Globotron Cover Ghosts! Pokemon Stop ARK Project Z
Balzak Globotron
Pokémon Stop
Krierre House
Salman Ahmad
Project Z
Ghosts 2 OP RPG Ogre Princess Zoovac Cover 55080873625--FE2E76D3-ADC9-43CA-B3BF-93E11565167F
Ghosts 2
The Ogre & The Princess
Zoovac: The Life and
Times of a Clown on a Stick

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In The News

Febuary 24th, 2017Edit

  • BronzeCo has released a new PCG, the first episode of Mark III, "Ghosts!"! The game is the first of its kind, allowing the player to play as a ghost, leading to innovative gameplay.

April 9th, 2016Edit

  • Ari has played and beaten Descent in Pierre's stead! The dark adventure saw Pierre captured by a group of cultists on Shri. It introduced new characters Modri and Zunto, and an unnamed Fig.

December 4th, 2015Edit

  • New issues of The Perfect One - Season Three have been released! The story deals with an epic space battle with T.P.O against starships, superheroes, and more! New characters from Superman to Green Lantern have appeared, working alongside familiar ones from the PCG Universe. All the issues are available at the link above.

October 13th, 2015Edit

September 8th, 2015Edit

  • The true identity of the Miniature People has been revealed, as well as their origin, in the latest playing session of "Fried Calamari"! It turns out they're known as the Zigori. Ari met a scholar from among their number, the first to be willing to speak to him, known as Teclesius.

September 4th, 2015Edit

  • Ginkus returns! Chris, continuing to play through Balzak Globotron, has beaten Ginkus' Tower and awakened the "Last of the Zorelta" himself, from a thousand-year slumber. And Ginkus means to take back his world!
  • We now have a facebook page! Link is above the two boxes. We only have two likes so far, but someday that will hopefully grow!

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