Matak Rho’Shivej , last name alternatively spelled as Shibej, is a strange octopus-like alien from an aquatic planet, part of the Tryptozian race. He’s an incredible swimmer, as his body is built for underwater life; Tryptozian society is based underwater. However, he can breathe in the air as well. His life story is unknown, but what is known is that he came to be a crewmember aboard the legendary starship Taburnackle, which Balzak Globotron would later command.

He works alongside the other crewmembers of the ship: Johnson, Chanai, Bob, Filby the Robot, and of course the Po-Po Guy.

Matak 3d

Matak, looking down. Probly thinking about everyone else's inferiority.

He is racist; He sees every other type of sentient life as inferior, and enjoys telling the rest of the crew of this. However, he truly likes and respects all the other crewmembers, despite their inferiority.

His quarters aboard the ship contain only a rock, a sculpture of one of his kind eating a human, and sprinklers that constantly wet him down.

During Balzak’s mission, the ship visited Matak’s homeworld. At first, Matak was happy about this, until they encountered his cousin—Rho’Shibej’s brother, a giant among Matak’s race—convincing scores of the ‘octopi’ that they should join the Company. Matak expressed his disproval of this, but he and Balzak were arrested. They later escaped and returned to their ship. This gave Matak a new perspective on his racism. (Balzak Globotron Series Game: "Balzak Globotron")

Matak's FamilyEdit

Matak's family, all known members of which bear the surname Rho'Shivej or some variant thereof, is an important family among Matak's species. Their exact role is not known.

The other two known members, his cousins Rho'Shibej and Rho'Shibej's Brother, are of a gigantic subspecies. It is unknown why Matak is of normal size. Both brothers have, at different times, shown evil inclinations and sympathies toward The Company, who intends to induct Shairek into their ranks.

Matak shares with his family the belief of racial superiority; However, Matak has learned to work with and accept other species, whereas his family wishes to destroy inferiors. (Balzak Globotron Series Game: "Balzak Globotron")

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