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Vital StatsEdit

TITLE: Moot- The Game



SIZE: 1 conversation

STYLE: Text Roleplaying, I guess?

MADE BY: Miles





Story and SituationEdit

Xaq is stolen into a cave by a Moot point. He tries arguing with it, but all his points suddenly become irrelevant. He's forced to try to find a way to get out of this situation.

The CharacterEdit

Xaq has been kidnapped and pulled into a cave. He now must rely on his experiences to get out alive.




Moot, the ultimate nullifier of good arguments, has waited all his life to kill Xaq. He now finally enacts his plan.

Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple Computer, appears in angel form and will laugh at any n00bz who get pwn3d by Moot's cave.

The GameEdit

This game was an online gamethat was played during a conversation. It was short, and there was no way to win; the only ending to the game, ... Well, you'll see. What follows is a transcription of the whole game being played.

Animorp206: hahahahah

Animorp206: Well, actually I meant anything of value—a crown, a jewel

Animorp206: But I guess that applies to

M1L35 D4V15: it better Animorp206: Especially to bald eagles and blaxck douds

M1L35 D4V15: otherwise your "apology" argument is moot Animorp206: YOU'RE MOOT

M1L35 D4V15: a moot point steals you into a cave, you start arguing with it, but it proves all of your points irrelevant

M1L35 D4V15: you die

M1L35 D4V15: save game?

Animorp206: Save game

Animorp206: I argue with the Moot, and this time I WIN

M1L35 D4V15: impossible. dead.

Animorp206: SAVE GAME

Animorp206: This time I'll argue REALLY HARD

M1L35 D4V15: you argue so hard your brain explodes

Animorp206: Damn

Animorp206: Shoulda forseen that o ne

Animorp206: Have to be smarter next time; Save game


M1L35 D4V15: DEAD

Animorp206: SAVE GAME

Animorp206: I'll clobber moot over the head and exclaim, YOUR MOOTNESS IS MOOT!!!

M1L35 D4V15: the moot point implodes

M1L35 D4V15: triumph

Animorp206: YEAH!!!

M1L35 D4V15: you're in a cave with no discernable exits except for the way you came in

Animorp206: Is there anything on the moot body?

M1L35 D4V15: it imploded

Animorp206: Damn

Animorp206: Anything else in the cave?

M1L35 D4V15: nope

M1L35 D4V15: except

M1L35 D4V15: for a small wooden stick in the corner

M1L35 D4V15: or at least something resembling a corner

Animorp206: *eyes the stick suspiciously*

Animorp206: Hmm...

M1L35 D4V15: as you eye the stick

Animorp206: I'll approach it

Animorp206: Yes?

M1L35 D4V15: and approach the stick

M1L35 D4V15: you notice something shining

Animorp206: WherE?

M1L35 D4V15: on the tip of the stick

Animorp206: Uh-oh

M1L35 D4V15: embedded in it, impossible to remove without breaking the stick

Animorp206: I'LL DODGE

M1L35 D4V15: possibly some sort of jewel

Animorp206: Oh, ok

Animorp206: I'll go closer to the stick, then M1L35 D4V15: nothing happens

Animorp206: Is it just a normal stick, other than the jewel

Animorp206: ?

M1L35 D4V15: yeah, like a broken branch or something, maybe one and a half feet long by one to 2 inches thick, varying

Animorp206: Hmm

Animorp206: I'll attempt to (gingerly) pick it up

M1L35 D4V15: you begin to hear a deep gurgling within the walls, as if a giant drain has been unclogged

Animorp206: uh-oh

M1L35 D4V15: a blinding light eminates from the tip of the stick

Animorp206: I'll run torwards the exit, stick in hand

M1L35 D4V15: an image of angel strangely resembling steve jobs, CEO of apple computers projects out of the stick and into the doorway to the exit of the cave

M1L35 D4V15: angel steve jobs proclaims, "lol"

Animorp206: ?

Animorp206: Steve Jobs?

Animorp206: "What are you doing here?"

M1L35 D4V15: the cave collapses on you

M1L35 D4V15: steve jobs again proclaims "lol"

M1L35 D4V15: followed by a lofty "pwned"

Animorp206: BASTARD save game

Animorp206: hahahaa

Animorp206: This time, I ignore Steve and run out of the cave

M1L35 D4V15: you fall 200 feet down a mountain, upon landing the stick impales you through the eye socket

M1L35 D4V15: from above

M1L35 D4V15: you ear an echoing phrase

M1L35 D4V15: strangely triggering what's left of your brain to start thinking about the new Apple iPhone

Animorp206: hahaha

M1L35 D4V15: this phrase is the last thing you'll ever hear M1L35 D4V15: "n00b"


Animorp206: save game

Animorp206: lol

Animorp206: Ok

Animorp206: So

Animorp206: I won't take the stick this time; I'll carefully climb out of the cave

M1L35 D4V15: side of mountain is a completely smooth cliff face

Animorp206: Oy veu

Animorp206: *vei

M1L35 D4V15: slowing oozing WD-40

M1L35 D4V15: fall

M1L35 D4V15: dead


Animorp206: Save game

Animorp206: Damn

Animorp206: I guess Moot gets the last laugh after all! Even his death is moot!

M1L35 D4V15: actually not

M1L35 D4V15: in his death, he completed his life long dream of killing you

M1L35 D4V15: and so he has

M1L35 D4V15: and so he shall be

M1L35 D4V15: eternal

M1L35 D4V15: fin.

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