The Pierre Series is a series of Paper Computer Games which began as part of the now-defunct "Xaq's Second Series". This series centers around the character of Pierre, who is an agent of Zoovac. The series began as side-stories to Chris' second series, but later became a full spin-off. Additionally, this series has inspired a spin-off series (Squids in Forests Series), as well as greatly contributing to the overall story arc of Xaq's second series.

The art quality of the first (and, to date, only) installments of the Pierre Series is quite possibly the lowest since Series 1. As this series marked the beginning of Xaq's second series, the art quality would improve greatly in later installments.

The GamesEdit


The Pierre series is essentially a spinoff of Series 2, Chris' second series. The events of the story run paralell to the recent episode, Relics of the Sea. The characters of Zoovac, Ari, and Colette all originated within Chris' Series 1, and were continued to series 2. In fact, Xaq and his dogs are the only major characters who didn't make their way into the Pierre Series.

The GamesEdit

  • The EVIL League of EVIL-Ness - This first game introduced the new character, Pierre, and how she was inducted into Zoovac's secret organization. It is a quest to rescue Zoovac and Colette. Many traditional elements are taken from Xaq's adventures, such as the characters, settings, and parts of the plot.
  • The ALIEN Abduction - The second game follows closely after the first, and Pierre must once again rescue her newfound allies, only this time they must escape the clutches of an alien flying saucer!
  • Descent - Descent finally reveals what happened to Pierre after she became separated from Ari on Shri as seen in The Ancient Secret Under Shri! Pierre is captured by an evil cult with scientific motivations. Who's behind it, and why?

Sequels and SpinoffsEdit

  • Squids in Forests Series - This series is a direct spinoff of Pierre's adventures; It takes place immediately after the Alien Abduction. After Pierre and Ari crashland on the planet of Shri, Ari gets separated and must embark on his own adventures to find Pierre and his sister.