Rho-Shibej is a giant, Squid-like alien, who is abnormally large among his species. Rho’Shivej is a member of The Alliance, and the boss of the Alien ship that abducted Pierre, Ari, Zoovac, and Colette.

Rho’Shivej, like all members of his aquatic species, is prejudiced against all other sentient species; He takes this racism to the next step, joining the Company in order to gain his species dominance over all others.

He often corresponded with Rorric, and other members of the Company.

When Pierre encountered him aboard his ship, he intended to kill her- Unfortunately for Rho’Shivej, Pierre tricked him into using his new security system, which killed him instead of Pierre. (Pierre Series: "The ALIEN Abduction")

Legacy and later appearances Edit

His influence lives on, even after his death. His brother, a larger creature even than Rho-Shivej himself, was driven to action by Rho’Shivej’s death. He now moves to induce their race into the Company, much to the chagrin of Matak, Rho’Shivej’s cousin. (Balzak Globotron Series Game: Balzak Globotron)

Additionally, Ari encountered a dream-version of Rho-Shibej during a daydream he had while exploring the forests of Shri. (Squids in Forests Series Game: Preview for PCG 24)

An unknown giant Tryptozian was seen aboard an alien starship to snare passing humans, and was encountered by an Unknown Protagonist. There's some hint that this was somehow Rho'Shibej. (Demo Game Series: "Demo Game 4")

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  • The ALIEN Abduction - First appearance; main boss of the game. Controlled the Alien ship that had abducted Pierre and friends; was working for The Company.
  • "Preview for PCG 24" - Main boss role, once more. Waited for Ari at the bottom of the strange complex and wouldn't let him pass.
  • "Demo Game 4" - This may or may not have been him; it could have been a different giant Tryptozian.

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