Ginkus' Gift scooby othello

Scooby, playing Othello with a sheep in Ginkus' Gift.

Scooby is the name of Xaq's dog. He's a fair-sized black dog, and he has either been captured or accompanied Xaq on several adventures, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Poochie.

Most recently, Scooby met Xaq in an ancient pyramid in an alternate world and began following him. He helped Xaq solve a temporal puzzle by urinating in one room in the past, leading to the creation of an ecosystem full of monkeys who worshiped Scooby in the future. One of these, known only as the Monkey-like Thing, joined the group and became Scooby's companion. (Series 2: "Ginkus' Gift")


  • Ginkus' Gift - Appears in the Pyramid, sidekick role. Helps Xaq solve some puzzles and fight some enemies.


Created By: Chris

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