Shairek is a planet located in the Mez'Dora Corridor, close to Getzor. The planet is entirely covered by water. Its only known intelligent inhabitants are a octopus-like species known as the Triptozians. However, the planet is home to a score of aquatic life.


Civilization on Shairek began in the 4th of Glaktar month, year 32 on the Shairek calendar, which roughly corresponds to 4500 years after it began for Humans on Earth. At 4:56:17 on that day, Gurgus the Great invented the first Tryptozian tool, the Can-Opener. (Computer Game: "Spore")

In the 2000s, The Company began courting Shairek as a possible ally. While initially hesitant, the planet did produce a few volunteer members of the company, such as Rho'Shibej. When he died in battle with Pierre, he was martyred, causing the society back on the planet to swing largely in favor of joining the Company. (Pierre Series: "The Alien Abduction")

Rho'Shibej's Brother became an active figure in society, leading the Tryptozians to join the company. When Balzak Globotron and Matak Rho' Shivej visited the planet, they happened on one of the first meetings leaning towards officially joining the company, and were captured. (Balzak Globotron Series: "Balzak Globotron")


Miscellaneous InfoEdit

  • For each second that passes on Earth, 98.7% of a second passes on Shairek. (Computer Game: "Spore")

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