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Soluna is an RPG gaming world, set on Soluna, an alternate universe.

While mostly separate from Paper Computer Games in general, the game is still closely tied into (and partially grew out of) the Soul Symphony games.

This article is about the RPG. For the universe, see Soluna.
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How to PlayEdit

The world of Soluna is a setting that melds the genre of science fiction and fantasy. With its own rules and regulation, to be able to play in the world of Soluna, you must create a character as well as have a slew of different sided dices and preferably your own copy of the Soluna guide. This character will be your avatar as you travel through the kingdoms and continents as well as participate in the engrossing story waiting to unfold.

  • Character Creation - A sample character sheet as well as the fundamentals on how to create a player character in Soluna.
  • Abilities - A comprehensive list on various abilities that is available to the players.
  • Skills - A breakdown of the 12 different skills available.
  • Combat - The basics of combat and how it works.
  • Magic - Effects of magic casting and how it works.
  • Leveling - How experience points is calculated in both character and ability as well as level up bonuses.
  • Exploration - An introduction to how the world is explored, from kingdoms to towns and bustling cities. As well as various rules and regulations regarding how the world works from a rules viewpoint.

Alignments of SolunaEdit

Soluna is a mix of various species from various regions of the world, it's only natural that there are different personalities that go along with such a diverse hodge-podge. Are you a disciplined and worldly Militant, do you feel the call of the ether like a Psych does, or are you a fleet footed and cunning Agile.

  • Militant - Those who have a fierce nature who are strong, brave, and have hardened their bodies into an efficient force.
  • Psych - The dreamers and thinkers fall under this alignment, those who use their minds as powerful tools and weapons.
  • Agile - These are the the dexterous and the nimble, who are swift in body and mind.

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