This article is about the tribe of Ape-Balls. For the game named for this tribe, see Space-Balls.
Space Ball 2

A typical Space-Ball.

Space-Balls are an advanced, spacefaring tribe of Ape-Balls. They wear powerful and dangerous armor, and use advanced laser weapons.

Their society is devoted to the hatred of Xaq, presumably for events that occurred in Xaq to the Future.

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A sticker of an Acid-Ball.

When the Unknown Prisoner of the Space-Balls stuffed an acid pill into one’s mouth, he unknowingly created a new type: The Acid Space-Ball. This one refused to die from the acid, always very near death. Accompanying this one was the Toxic Space-Ball, one dressed in special full-body toxic-proof armor. This one assists the Acid Ape-ball in moving.

This Space-Ball is presumed dead, and has not been seen recently.



A Toxic-Ball.

The Toxic Space-Ball, or just Toxic-Ball, was a space-ball wearing a special kind of armor that was supposedly completely impervious to Acid.

His purpose was to assist the Acid Space-Ball, who had difficulty moving on his own. Any other Space-Ball trying to help the Acid-Ball would have been disintegrated by the acid.



A Turbo-Ball.

Another type of Space-Ball was the Turbo Space-Ball, which was a Space-Ball wearing an armored, winged, metallic suit which was equpped with a jet-pack. These terrorize the skies above the planet-sized Fat Guy. Several times they have attacked Liit and his party.

The Turbo-Ball is one of the craziest types of Space-Ball. It is unknown whether it's an individual, or whether there are multiples.

He had wings and was jet-propelled, making him a challenging foe indeed. The goggles on his eyes helped him to see at such high velocities.

He proved to be quite problematic for Liit.

Mechanical Armor Space-BallEdit

Space Ball

A Space-Ball in a giant, powerful mechanical suit.

Finally, Liit encountered a space-ball in a gigantic mechanical armor suit. This proved to be a huge challenge, and the Unknown Prisoner had to trick him to defeat him.

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