Squids in Forests is the first game in the Squids in Forests Series, and the third game starring Ari as a playable character, after Ari & Colette's Haunted House (which co-starred his sister) and its predecessor, The Ancient Secret Under Shri.

Story and SituationEdit

Ari and Cassie, finally finding their way out from the underground labyrinth in "The Ancient Secret Under Shri", find themselves in a vast forest. As they begin to explore it, they find a variety of strange creatures that just wouldn't normally be there on Earth. They find many abandoned ruins, of various sorts, and discover that there's a race of miniature people living among them. But is there a vicious plot behind everything in the forest?

The CharacterEdit

Ari, an agent of Zoovac, has crash-landed on the strange world of Shri with his friend Pierre and his sister, Colette. He's gotten separated from them, and become hopelessly lost. Can he find his way back to the city, and reunite with his friends?


Cassie, a strange girl who seems to have a dead Japanese guy in a blender (She had to kill him; He was the boss of her game) will help Ari for this quest. She seems to have strange healing abilities.


Someone has been spying on Ari, our favorite Squid. But who could it be? Evidence points to it being The Zorelta. But is it really them, or their Crodin masters?


Ari and Cassie discover a room devoted to spying on Ari. The clues there lead him to be confused about the nature of his stalkers. As the two walk on, out of the temple, this game ends; only to be continued in "Further Sylvan Squidisms".

The GameEdit

The very first "exploration" paper computer game; that is, a game in which there was no challenge to beating the game, and the main objective was to explore the world and get as much treasure as possible from it. The game was short, but detailed and mysterious.


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